The Queen’s Beautiful HONOR: Elizabeth II. has her own Barbie … This is what she looks like! –

Mattel said on Thursday that the arrival of Elizabeth II. on the throne will be reminded by the new Barbie doll. It will be part of the Barbie Tribute Collection. The Barbie doll in the form of a queen is dressed in an ivory dress, which is covered with a blue sash decorated with miniature medallions and ribbons. The doll has a crown on its head, the model of which was the crown worn by the British queen on the day of her wedding. Photo gallery (9) Queen Elizabeth II. has her own Barbie.
Source: “Since 1959, the aim of the Barbie brand has been to inspire and highlight the endless potential that every girl has in her and to remind them that they can be anything and anyone. This message has never been more relevant than it is today, ”said Barbie spokesman, who also highlighted the way the queen was governed and her life. Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating her 96th Thursday, ascended the British throne on February 6, 1952, after the death of her father, King George VI. She married in 1947. Her husband, Prince Philip, died last April at the age of 99. The Barbie-shaped Barbie doll will be sold at London’s Harrods, Selfridges and Hamleys department stores ahead of the official Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June. Photo gallery (9) Mattel honored the 70th anniversary of the British Queen’s accession to the throne with her new Barbie doll.
Source: Beautiful HONOR OF THE QUEEN: Elizabeth II. has her own Barbie … This is what she looks like!