Ukraine, Bannon: “Tragedy blamed by corrupt European elites”

“It is a tragedy that the corrupt European elites have caused the Ukrainian people. The fault lies with Moscow, but also with Brussels”. This was stated by Steve Bannon, former strategist of Donald Trump, in an interview with ‘Piazzapulita’ in which he pointed the finger for the Ukrainian crisis against “the leadership of NATO, of the EU that led innocent Ukrainians to their own destruction”. The situation in Mariupol is “worse than Vietnam, it looks like Dresden in ’45”, continued Bannon, according to whom in Moscow as in Beijing there are “a group of criminals”, but the point is another: “we must ask ourselves why the Ukrainians that every day they ask for help from the EU and NATO was given the false hope that they would be protected, that they would have allies. But sending some weapons, grenades or missiles is not enough. They need the Western leadership to force the Russians to negotiate ” .