Rihanna’s Bumblebee GIVES: She rolls in her bikini and … Pozooor! Breasts on the run – Topky.sk

When the news came to the public that Rihanna was carrying a baby under her heart, not only her fans were enthusiastic. It is not yet known whether the rapper, who performs under the stage name ASAP Rocky, will give birth to a boy or a girl … But the paparazzi recently caught her in a clothing store, where she was looking at pieces intended for little princesses. In connection with the singer’s pregnancy, her own fashion style is worth mentioning. Rihanna preferred outfits in which she proudly displayed her round belly. While a group of people were excited about it, some individuals found such stinging of their bare bellies unsightly. Photo gallery (12) ASAP Rocky and Rihanna will soon have a common offspring.
Source: Profimedia In recent days, the future mother has faced a relatively unpleasant situation. The alleged infidelity of her partner ASAP Rocky has been widely addressed in the media and on social networks. He was even supposed to be unfaithful to her friend – Parisian shoe designer Amina Muaddi. She published a statement on her Instagram profile, in which she refuted all these conjectures. “I have to talk because these gossip is not just against me. They also apply to people to whom I feel great respect and affection. While Rih continues her quiet life and shows off the best maternity clothes, I return to my business, ”the designer responded. From the behavior of Rihanna and Rocky, it is clear that they too threw gossip about infidelity behind their heads. At the moment, they are on the singer’s beloved and native Barbados, where they enjoy moments of relaxation. Paparazzo managed to take a picture of the brunette in a bikini. In addition to her large belly, she also attracted attention by the fact that the upper part of the swimsuit had something to do to keep her enlarged breasts buried. Photo gallery (12) Rihanna will give birth to her baby.
Source: profimedia.sk Photo gallery (12) The upper part of the bikini had something to do to cope with the onslaught of the singer’s breasts.
Source: profimedia.sk Rihanna čochvíľa Breasts on the run