War in Ukraine: Novak Djokovic considers Wimbledon’s decision to exclude Russian players and… – 20 Minutes

A new, powerful voice has been raised in the world of tennis against the exclusion by the organizers of Wimbledon of Russian and Belarusian players, due to the conflict in Ukraine. After the ATP, it was Novak Djokovic who reacted on Wednesday: “I will always condemn the war, being myself a child of the war, launched the 34-year-old Serb. But I can’t support the decision of the Wimbledon tournament, I think she’s crazy. “This sanction concerns in particular Daniil Medvedev, current dolphin of “Djoko”, the world number 1. He spoke after his victory over his compatriot Laslo Djere, in his first match at the ATP 250 tournament in Belgrade. he also launched. When politics interferes in sport, it is never good. »