Slovaks, beware: The fear of all drivers is approaching again! If you want to save, avoid THIS place –

In places where rainfall occurs on Friday, it is therefore possible to expect soiling of various objects located in the exterior (cars, garden furniture). “During the night from Friday to Saturday (April 23), the Saharan dust will gradually leave our territory, but on Sunday (April 24) it is probably possible to expect its next wave of occurrence,” meteorologists specified. Archive VIDEO The people of Bratislava are enjoying the pleasant spring weather The collection of dust from the surface of the Sahara was caused by the occurrence of a lower pressure in the area of ​​North-West Africa. According to meteorologists, this is currently moving towards Europe. “Based on the model’s calculations, it can be expected that this year will be the largest amount of dust in the air above our territory. Locally, it can be more than 0.8 grams per square meter, which represents more than 800 kilograms per square kilometer, “noted from SHMÚ. It has already caused problems Saharan sand in Slovakia has caused problems several times, most recently a few weeks ago. The last large shipment from the Sahara, in the form of desert sand and dust, paralyzed Europe so much that even the snow in the Alps was orange-brown. The streets of Spain were covered with sand and the sky was deep orange, as if we lived on Mars. At that time, an extreme mass of sand came over the territory of Europe. Car owners should be on the lookout again. Although the nice weather attracts car owners to go to the car wash, they should rather postpone its visit. A morning look at the car would probably hurt not only theirs, but also their wallets. According to meteorologists, in the case of Bratislava, the maximum content is expected around 9 am UTC (11 hours our time) and in the case of Košice it will be around 3 pm UTC (17 hours our time). Photo gallery (3) Source: Photo gallery (3) Source: