Comparative Duel: Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima One vs Philips L’OR Barista Latte

Aesthetically speaking, the Nespresso Lattissima One is more compact and displays sleeker, finer and more elegant lines than that of the L’OR Barista Latte, which is not demerit for all that. Its design is longer and the materials also remain neat. Users already familiar with the Nespresso universe will not be out of place. In their operation, the two coffee makers are very similar: the insertion of the capsules is done using an arm which seems more robust on the Nespresso Lattissima One than on the L’OR Barista, for which we doubt its ability to withstand numerous manipulations. To eject the capsule, which then falls naturally into the collector, it is naturally necessary to raise the same arm. The mechanics are therefore identical in all respects. The collectors are able to accommodate up to a dozen capsules, and are also integrated into the cup rests and are located under the dispensing nozzles. Large or small, the capsule fits into the same hole, under the hatch. The water tanks are relegated to the rear. They are not designed the same. That of the Nespresso Lattissima One is recessed into the coffee maker, while that of the Barista de L’OR is rounded and stands out with the look of the machine. Their respective capacity of one liter may force fans of small blacks to replenish them with water. To extract them, the operation is not the most convenient and consists on the one hand of removing the cover, then of lifting the tank – open therefore – with both hands. We would have preferred a small handle to facilitate access. The different elements of the machine. The two capsule coffee makers have this bad habit of throwing coffees although the reservoir is not sufficiently supplied with water. Their on/off button flashes quickly, but you still have to see it. Fortunately, by filling the tank and pressing one of the buttons on the control panel again, the preparation starts again, but probably not in the best conditions. Indeed, a new preparation is launched; the machine does not remember the preparation cycle launched initially. The control panels of these two coffee makers are quite brief. The Nespresso has three to launch three different sizes of coffee: 40 ml, 110 ml and the last to launch a milk drink. The Barista displays 4 of them: an on/off button, 25 ml, 40 ml, and a final one to launch a Double Espresso or a Grand Café Filtre — which, in the absence of an infusion time, is a decoy).Left: the Nespresso Lattissima One; right: the Barista Latte from L’ORThe Barista has the advantage that its rival does not have of automatically recognizing two different capsule sizes, which are inserted into the same hole and without having to fit an adapter; a small capsule allows you to start preparing a simple ristretto, espresso or long coffee, when the XXL capsule serves as a “Double Shot” and is able to deliver a double espresso or two single espressos simultaneously. To program the length of the coffee in a cup, handling is common to both machines: simply press and hold the short coffee or long coffee button (preparation begins and the buttons flash quickly) and release the button when the desired length is reached.The system The milk frother does not work in the same way: on the Barista Latte, it is simply a milk frother, while the Nespresso Lattisima One comes with a milk carafe. As its name suggests, the frother is simply used to heat and froth the milk; it is then up to the user to make his mixture to enjoy his milk drink. The Nespresso milk carafe contains 120 ml and is easily attached to the machine. It allows you to prepare cappuccinos or latte macchiato. Two indicators on the milk tank indicate the dose required for the preparation of one of these two drinks. After inserting a capsule and filling the milk container, just press the appropriate button to prepare a milk drink. The machine froths the milk directly into the cup and then dispenses the coffee. It is mainly for this reason that the Nespresso wins the round. Another difference between these two models, the Barista has two dispensing nozzles, when the Swiss giant’s coffee makers are satisfied with just one. This means that the L’OR machine is capable of preparing two coffees simultaneously. Finally, the Barista’s cup rest is magnetized to the base of the coffee maker. Depending on whether you want to use an espresso cup or a mug, it is up to the user to install it or not under the dispensing nozzles. At Nespresso, it is additional and allows you to bring an espresso cup closer to the spout.