“You lost the election”: Donald Trump ends an interview after the remark of a journalist – The Independent

The former US president did not appreciate journalist Piers Morgan’s remark. Two years later, Donald Trump still does not seem to have digested his defeat in the American presidential election. The former president of the United States cut short an interview after the remark of a journalist from the New York Post. “You have lost”, had launched the latter, recalling that the election was “free” and democratic. “Only an idiot would think that,” replied Donald Trump, before leaving the interview and calling the journalist “dishonest”: “cut the camera”, he added, removing his microphone. It is an “American” teaser published by the media, announcing “the most explosive interview of the year”. The entire sequence will be released on April 25. The New York Post reveals, however, that Donald Trump actually stayed on the set to discuss his recent golf games.