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The British queen celebrates 96 years on 21 April. A new photo of the Queen was taken in March by photographer Henry Dallal. Photo: SITA / AP, henrydallalphotography.com Queen Elizabeth II. in a new shot – posing with Bybeck Nightingale and Bybeck Katie ponies in the gardens of Windsor Castle. However, big celebrations are not expected until June with the traditional Trooping the Color procession in central London. On April 21, 2022, Queen Elizabeth quietly traveled by helicopter to Sandringham, where she wants to enjoy her birthday in peace and quiet. It is likely to be visited by relatives and friends in the coming days. Prince Philip, her late husband, also loved a rural settlement in the middle of nature. Read more Easter Mass without a queen! William and Kate were not present at Windsor Castle, but for the first time they were accompanied by children. At the Windsor Castle grounds, Queen Elizabeth posed last month with her domestic ponies Bybeck Nightingale (left) and Bybeck Katie (right). A new photo of the queen was taken in March by photographer Henry Dallal, who already had the honor of taking an official portrait of the queen on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The footage was commissioned by the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which the Queen has been attending as a regular guest every year since 1943. Queen Elizabeth wears a green coat, a color that can be interpreted as a subtle memory of her late husband, the British media writes. At the service in honor of Prince Philip, held at Westminster Abbey on March 29, 2022, the Queen and many other guests wore a dark green color. A few days ago, the queen was also visited by her grandson, Prince Harry, who told People magazine: “She was great when I was with her. It was so nice to see her. It’s in great shape. ”Recently, there have been concerns about the health of the British Queen, who has had to give up several dates due to health problems. Read more How was the meeting with the Queen in Windsor? Prince Harry revealed details to Queen Elizabeth II. was born on April 21, 1926 in London as the eldest daughter of Albert, Duke of York (later ruled as King George VI), and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Duchess of York. She became queen in February 1952 after the death of her father Juraj VI. The coronation ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. See the list of TOP 5 curiosities from royal weddings