The latest SURVEY is a tough early coalition: Voice and Direction separate little from the government! Extremists got a stop sign –

If the parliamentary elections were held today, the winner would be the Voice-SD party, led by Peter Pellegrini, who would be elected by 19 percent of respondents. It would be followed by Smer-SD with a gain of 16.7 percent and in third place is the SaS party with a gain of 10.2 percent. The survey was conducted from 13 to 20 April 2022 and was conducted by the Polis Slovakia agency for The telephone survey was conducted on a sample of 1108 respondents, over the age of 18, throughout the Slovak Republic. Photo gallery (2) Source: Polis Agency The following pages are We are a family (8.2%) and OĽaNO (8.1%). Next in line is KDH with a profit of 6.5 percent. The Alliance would gain 6.4 percent, followed by Progressive Slovakia with 6.2 percent. At the gates of parliament Here the situation is breaking, because the Republic Party with 4.9 percent would not get into parliament. The same is true for the Kotlebovci-ĽSNS, who would get equal to four percent. Behind them is a coalition For the people with a profit of 2.3 percent. The nationalists ranked thirteenth with a gain of 2.1 percent.