CURRENT Police will ask to be able to prosecute Fica in custody! They also want Kaliňák behind the bars –

The police of the Slovak Republic informed that file material had already been sent on Wednesday to process a complaint requesting a motion to prosecute the accused Robert Fico. He was not detained during the Twilight event, in which NAKA detained Robert Kaliňák and Marek Paru. His detention must be approved by the National Council. However, the investigator of the National Criminal Agency prepared a motion to file a custody of the accused Robert Kaliňák. “This is due to a legitimate fear that it will act on witnesses, experts, fellow defendants or otherwise frustrate the clarification of facts relevant to the prosecution,” police said. The National Criminal Agency detained Robert Kaliňák and Marek Paru on Wednesday morning. Kaliňák, according to police, was detained at his cottage. At his request, he was allowed to say goodbye to his family. Robert Fico is also accused, but they could not detain him, the National Council would have to agree. Robert Fico and Robert Kaliňák are represented by David Lidtner, Marek Paru is defended by Michal Mandzák. The two represented Marian Kočner. At the end of 2020, several former police officers were detained as part of the Purge action. Former Police President Tibor Gašpar, former NAKA chief Peter Hraško or former NAKA anti-corruption unit director Róbert Krajmer are no exception.