Ukraine, Russia among the five largest arms exporters in the world

Russia is among the five largest arms exporters in the world. The most demanded weapons by Moscow partners are the Flanker fighter planes, the Sukhoi Su-27, the MiG-29. The Russian military industry, however, continues to face limits due to limited innovation and inefficiency, which are added to the international sanctions underway for years and the “decision to stop imports of military material from Ukraine and NATO members”. These factors weigh on the ranking of the “25 best companies in the world in the production of weapons and military services” drawn up by Sipri (the International Institute for Research on Peace in Stockholm), in which only two Russian companies appear: Almaz-Antey (15th place) and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (25th place). The analysis is contained in the study ‘Russian defense policy in the 21st century: evolution and characteristics ”by Alessandra Boccia, published in Iriad Review. Countries where Moscow exports more weapons they are India, China, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam. India is the country that imports the most Russian weapons, despite the fact that between 2010 and 2020 the percentage went from 62% to 46% “to reduce the influence on the country’s defense sector”. The Russian armaments that China imports are 18% of the total; Algeria, which is “the largest arms importer on the African continent”, buys 15% of its war material from Moscow. Egypt, the third largest importer of arms in the world, has found in the 2013 coup Russia a willing actor in arms supply, especially as opposed to the United States. Vietnam is a country in which the Russian Federation has returned to play an important role after the alliance between the two countries at the time of the Soviet Union, supplying the Asian country with ups and downs between 2011 and 2019. of submarines, aircraft, coastal defense systems, frigates and missiles.