TOTALENERGIES: Analysts’ recos: TotalEnergies, Danone, Air Liquide, Faurecia, L’Oréal, Vallourec, Sanofi, Carrefour – Investir

Analysts’ recommendations: TotalEnergies | Photo credits: DR Three changes in recommendation this Thursday morning, on TotalEnergies, Danone and Air Liquide shares. Several course adjustments are also worth noting. TotalEnergies: HSBC raises its recommendation from “hold” to “buy” and its target price from 51.40 to 53 euros. Danone: Bernstein downgrades its recommendation from “outperformance” to “in-line performance” and maintains its target price at 56 euros. Deutsche Bank is targeting 60 euros, against 58 initially. Morgan Stanley goes from 55 to 56 euros, Barclays from 66 to 70 euros and Credit Suisse from 54 to 56 euros. Air Liquide: Stifel goes from “hold” to “buy” and revises its target price upwards, from 172 to 197 euros. Faurecia: RBC lowers its target price from 41 to 36 euros. L’Oréal: RBC, still, raises its target price from 260 to 282 euros. Berenberg goes from 339 to 350 euros and HSBC from 401 to 403 euros. Vallourec: Jefferies is revising its price target upwards, from 13.50 to 15 euros. Sanofi: Morgan Stanley is aiming for a higher price of 2 euros, at 112 euros. Carrefour: HSBC increases its target price by 2 euros, to 24 euros. Invest