Fico and Kaliňák: What does the accusation of politicians mean? –

20. apr 2022 at 18:36 I Paid content The time until which Kaliňák can propose detention is 48 hours.BRATISLAVA. Although three-time former Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer) simplifies his accusation by describing him as the stories of Grandpa Strawberry, he has in fact been prosecuted for two years. Article continues under video advertising in court, describes in detail the criminal group in the police, led by police ex-president Tibor Gašpar and oligarch Norbert Bödör. Related articleRelated article Gašpar shouted, he was afraid of Jankovská. What did the indictment in the Purgatory case show? Read The indictment of Fico and former Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák suggests that this scheme had another floor that provided political coverage. The police claim that it was the leaders of the Direction who abused their powers. For example, even because they violated tax secrecy in an effort to gain supremacy over political opponents – Andrej Kisk or Igor Matovič (OĽaNO). Loading … Extraordinary: Fica and Kaliňák have already arrived. They accused them “The police symbolically called Wednesday’s event as Twilight. It is reminiscent of Twilight – a street in Bratislava’s Ružinov, where Smer has a party headquarters. what are they accused of? [email protected] so we can help you. ” data-msg-btn-logout = “Log in as a different user” data-msg-btn-close = “Stay logged in”>