Kiev could release prisoners in exchange for evacuation of Ukrainians from Mariupola –

Sky News reported that there were still about 100,000 people in Mariupol, southern Ukraine. The Ukrainian president added that the situation in Mariupol is deteriorating and hundreds of the injured there do not have access to medical care. He also said that about 1,000 civilians, as well as the last of the city’s Ukrainian defenders, should still be hiding in the local Azovstal metallurgical complex. Kiev has not yet made a proposal from Russia, Zelensky also said that Kiev had not yet received an alleged draft agreement with the conditions for ending the war, which Russia said should have been sent to it by Russia. “We have handed over our proposal to the Ukrainian side, which is worded clearly and in detail,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier on Wednesday, without giving details about the content of the proposal. He stressed that the document does not set a deadline within which Kiev should respond to the offer. At the same time, he indicated that Moscow is dissatisfied with the pace of peace negotiations so far.