The police want to prosecute Robert Fico in custody – REFRESHER

The Twilight event was planned by the police for several months. Share Save Saved Share Share article You must be logged in to save an article. Failed to save changes. Try logging in again and try again. If the problem persists, please contact the administrator. An error has occurred If problems persist, please contact the administrator. According to its president Štefan Hamran, the police will demand that Robert Fico be prosecuted in custody. The investigator must first initiate prosecution with the Attorney General. In that case, he will decide whether to ask the parliament of which Robert Fico is a member to prosecute. In an interview with Marek Vagovič on the Postoj portal, Štefan Hamran said that the Twilight operation, during which they detained Robert Kaliňák and accused Robert Fico, had been under preparation for several months. He did not want to comment specifically on the testimonies and evidence, but said they were sufficient to bring charges. “The evidentiary situation is strong enough for investigators to charge the three-prime prime minister.” “We will see if it can be completed, whether the NAKA’s evidence will be sufficient to bring Fica and the other defendants to justice.” Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novak Stefan Hamran said during a public debate at Luna Bar it is ruled out that the circle of accused will continue to expand and may also lead to further detention of persons. Eight people have so far been charged in the Twilight operation, four of whom, including former Interior Minister Kaliňák, have been detained. The police president said that the NAKA had its hands untied, but acknowledged the possibility that the Prosecutor General’s Office, led by Maroš Žilinka, would apply paragraph 363 in the case of Fica or Kaliňák’s accusation. as required by law. We will not solve whether there is a prosecutor who will throw it off the table in a simple way. ”Report a mistake. If you find a defect in the article or have comments, let us know. Source: position.skPreview image: TASR / Jaroslav Novak