Netflix has lost paying clients. He complains about sharing accounts and is considering a package with ads – Živé.sk

The streaming platform is facing a challenging period in many markets. Netflix has released its financial results for the first quarter of this year. According to them, for the first time in years, the number of subscribers decreased by 200,000. In addition, the service provider expects that their number will decrease even more significantly in the second quarter of this year – by about 2 million to 219.6 million. The service withdrew from Russia after the military attack on Ukraine, which lost 700,000 subscribers to this market. Netflix said in a statement that up to 100 million more households could access the service through account sharing. In three markets, it is already testing extra charging for accounts that share access outside their home. Competition grows According to the Financial Times, the platform has acknowledged that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new subscribers in many markets. Services like HBO Max are expanding availability, and Disney + will launch in 42 new markets in the coming weeks, including Slovakia. The platform is also considering launching a new advertising package that could deliver lower prices. Competitors offer similar packages in other markets. The company’s shares fell temporarily by as much as 25 percent after the market closed.