Demolition of the monument in Slavín: A cruel joke or sarcasm, many have taken this joke as a serious matter! –

It has been several years since several protesting citizens have appeared on the streets who are keen on any critical remarks about everything to do with the former regime or Russia. In recent months, young people with the already labeled pseudonym “Melešovci” have also stood on the street where they often use strong sarcasm to express their opposing ideas, apparently in the hope that they will change the minds of these protesters. Petition that lifted them from their chairs Sometimes, however, the situation turns so much that not everyone can understand sarcasm, and this was the case. After the last months of the conflict in Ukraine, something even began to be chanted in the streets about the threat to the Soviet monument to Slavin, and this apparently got into the ears of these young people. They brought this (albeit perverse and satirical, but very unrealistic) idea to the final presentation in the form of a petition for the demolition of the Slavín monument. One of the “members” of the Melešov family, under the pseudonym Julius Hlista, published a relatively bizarre electronic petition on the portal, in which he called for the demolition of this monument, but also showed visualizations of what a new version of this place of reverence might look like. Photo gallery (3) Source: reprofoto Bizarre challenge, bizarre visualization and bizarre text of the petition , they are abusing their goals and celebrating the criminal communist regime, “the call said. “The main goal is to create a new place of rest, culture and entertainment, which will focus on deepening relations with the United States as a country that is a symbol of democracy and freedom of speech,” reads the other, perhaps deliberately provocative lines of the petition. Already from these and other lines of the petition, several intelligent people have deduced that its aim is only to respond bizarrely to some of the bizarre demands of a particular protesting people in the streets and on social networks. However, all this was not enough and from the mentioned Hlist, real processed visualizations began to appear on the social network Facebook under his account, how Slavín could change, which outraged some even more, others laughed, because it is an obvious joke, which may not be for everyone. to taste. “Friends, this is how Slavín may look like in 2024. All you have to do is sign the petition. No one wants to disgrace the fallen liberators who are resting here and cannot believe that all supporters of Putler’s bloody invasion of Ukraine now abuse them to spread pro-Russian propaganda,” he added. fire oil Hlista. Terrified people took the joke as a terrible reality After these posts, some citizens found it difficult to read the strong sarcasm “between the lines” and after these visualizations and calls for petitions began to sound the alarm. “Look at his statement in the petition – would a person who, in my opinion, evidently crosses the moral bottom and who tries to fascinate society with his hateful communication, really represent us, Slovaks – shouldn’t he rather be an internal US adviser?” it is written in one of the blogs, which responds to an obviously unrealistic petition. Photo gallery (3) Source: reprofoto