Slovnaft Cup: FC Senica – FC Spartak Trnava 0: 4 / semifinal – SPORT.SK

yesterday 21:20 | FC Spartak Trnava footballers advanced to the final of the Slovnaft Cup. After the initial home victory of 3: 0, they triumphed in the retaliation of the semifinals on the FK Senica field even more convincingly 4: 0. In the fight for the trophy, on May 8, they will meet her defender ŠK Slovan Bratislava, who eliminated AS Trenčín on Tuesday. 22:10 UPDATED VOTE AFTER THE MATCH Duel FK Senica – FC Spartak Trnava you could watch ONLINE on >> FK Senica – FC Spartak Trnava 0: 4 (0: 2) Goals: 1. Yusuf, 20. Ramadan, 60 Ivan (from 11 m), 68. Olejnik. ZK: Ouattara (Senica). Judges: Smolák – Pozor, Bednár Teams and substitutions: Senica: Chropovský – Koprna, Mihál, Mayounga, Anaba (80. Vrablic) – Mašulovič, Ouattara (46. Niarchos) – Vikri (64. Kudláč), Duda (64. Bíly) , Sulaeman – J. Buchel (80. Prelec) Trnava: Kamenár – Čurma (61. Jendrek), Škrtel (61. Ujlaky), Kóša, Bolaji – Procházka (46. Bukata) – Iván, Ramadan, Vlasko (61. Ristovski) , Yusuf (46. Kozak) – Olejník / first match 0: 3, Trnava advanced to the finals / Seničany failed to dramatize the double match, on the contrary, Trnavčany despite a comfortable lead from the domestic duel left nothing to chance and expressly decided the fate of retaliation. In the first minute, Olejník rushed to the first wing, Iván took over the ball in the sprint, who sent a ground pass in front of the goal to the passing Yusuf, who, sealed by the defensive, opened the score. Senica still could not cope with the speed types of Trnava. Buchel had the only flash in the home offensive, but he didn’t handle the ball perfectly against the goalkeeper Kamenár and at the last moment Kóša managed to intervene. After 20 minutes, the visitors tied it up at 1 – 1 when a fantastic pass from the left was finished off by Ramadana. The one-sided picture of the game did not change in the second half either. Spartak controlled the course and did not let the domestic ones in half. Senica suffered another blow in the 60th minute, Koprna dodged a teammate during a defensive intervention, but VAR revealed that he had played an unfortunate hand, and the main referee Smolák ordered an eleven after watching the video. Ivan turned her over. At the other end, he was threatened only by the substitute Niarchos, whose spotted attempt went right next to the visiting goal. Otherwise, however, the “angels” enjoyed one attack after another, and soon goal celebrations broke out again in their camp. Two Trnavians rushed to Chropovsky alone, the Senice goalkeeper still set off a tutor of the substitute Ristovsky, but without the help of the defenders he was not entitled to hit Oniknik. Spartak finished almost in an exhibition, at the set time Chropovský set off Ristovský’s cannonball and Koprna blocked the stop of Olejník. votes after the match: Jiří Pecha, coach Senice: “First of all, congratulations to Trnava, who played very well today. We played what we had to do. I’m happy with what we showed. Some players started, even though that week he wasn’t optimal. I’m glad they came to help us. ” Michal Gašparík, coach of Trnava: “Senica has her problems, so we had the semifinals. However, every opponent counts and we are in the coveted final and we will do everything to beat Slovan in it. We also helped the home victory, we gave two goals in the end and we won 3 – 0. It is easier to play with such a lead, today we controlled the whole match. “