War in Ukraine: Did an American plane help the Ukrainians sink the Moskva? – CNEWS

An American plane would have flown over the Black Sea before the sinking of the Moskva cruiser, which has been in the news for several days. The flagship of the Russian fleet sank last week in the waters of the Black Sea. Russia claimed that this flagship of the Russian fleet sank following a fire caused by the explosion of the munitions. On the Ukrainian side, it is claimed to have sunk it with missiles. According to information from The Times, an American plane, a Boeing P8 Poseidon, was patrolling over the Black Sea before the Moskva was hit by Ukrainian missiles. This aircraft is the most sophisticated in the American arsenal for tracking submarines and warships. Detection of enemy ships According to British media, the aircraft could drop sonobuoys over water areas to detect enemy ships. The Times reporters didn’t have to look far, they found open source flight data from the patrol boat on the FlightRadar24 site. The plane would have taken off from an air base in Sigonella (Italy) and the information collected from FlightRadar24 makes it possible to locate it from its departure until its arrival on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. But a worrying data, when the signal of the plane is lost about twenty kilometers from the Ukrainian border for several hours. And according to The Times, the device would have descended from 8,839 meters to 3,352 meters above sea level. When he reappears on the radars, he finds himself about sixty kilometers from his last position known to the authorities. The British media explains, after consulting Defense experts, that the aircraft’s transponder automatically turns off when it enters a war zone. At present, it is impossible to say that the Americans were able to help Ukraine during the attack on the cruiser Moskva. However, the American Minister of Defense, Lloyd Austin, said during a hearing in Congress on April 7: “We provide them with intelligence to carry out operations”.