We know who Stropnický’s mistress is: Žilková is perhaps dreaming! – Pluska

yesterday 9:49 Veronika Žilková must have felt like she’s dreaming for the last few weeks. And it’s definitely not a pleasant dream. A few weeks ago, her husband Martin Stropnický still told her that their relationship no longer had a future because he did not love her and therefore wanted to divorce, writes Plus 7 dní. Gallery (91) Third marriage breakdown and third divorce. Žilka’s love life statistics are at a freezing point, but the woman the actress cheated on is a different caliber. He even ended their relationship via e-mail as soon as they returned from a holiday together. It seems to be a common move, as the first woman also received a divorce application via e-mail. However, he did not forget to emphasize that his lack of love for the actress is to blame for the new relationship. Veronika Žilková’s third marriage did not last even. Her partner Stropnický announced the breakup in a way unworthy of a man Source: archive of the publication Divide by Two – Veronika Žilková and Petr Macek According to the Czech portal blesk.cz, a young woman named Markéta Horňáková, who works at the embassy in Tel Aviv as a consular clerk, has been Stropnický’s mistress for three years. During Martin’s inauguration, she announced that she would divorce him and Žilková, which made her colleagues bet on their behalf or against them. Their current relationship is to be a public secret … Because of this woman, Stropnický wants to divorce Žilková, PHOTO! The Czech actress confirmed to blesk.cz that, thanks to her husband, she has known who the new mistress is for a few days, but he asked her not to take this situation into account in the media. It is rumored that the young replacement of Žilková often appears in the ambassador’s residence. However, the actress definitely did not want to comment on this fact, as she has personal belongings at the embassy headquarters together with her daughter.