The body of a 51-year-old woman is found in a duffel bag in Queens, a few blocks from her home

The police investigate the residence of Orsolya Gaal, a 51-year-old woman whose body was found dead about 800 meters from the place. (CNN) — The body of Orsolya Gaal, a 51-year-old woman, was found inside a duffel bag on a street corner in Queens, New York, on Saturday, with a trail of blood stretching from there to her home. nearby, according to a spokesman for the New York Police Department.
The discovery came shortly after 8 a.m. Saturday when police responded to a 911 call about a suspicious bag of blood at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway, the New York police said. There, officers found an unconscious and unresponsive woman inside a duffel bag, and emergency services pronounced her dead. A trail of blood was followed to 72-24 Juno Street, according to the NYPD, about a half mile northwest of where the bag was found. The woman was identified as Orsolya Gaal, who lived in the house on Juno Street, police said. Orsolya Gaal, 51, was pronounced dead at the scene, the New York police said. Gaal’s cause of death was determined to be stab wounds to the neck and her manner of death was a homicide, according to the New York Medical Examiner’s office.
There are still no arrests and the investigation is ongoing, the NYPD said.
— CNN’s Chris Boyette contributed to this report.