Žilková does not lose her smile after the breakup and reports about her mistress: The reason? This handsome guy from Saint Max too! – PRAVDA.sk

It has only been a few weeks since the Czech media reported on the break-up of actress Veronika Žilková’s long-term marriage. The sympathetic star of the series, who is also dedicated to influencing, subsequently confirmed it herself. Photo: JHPhoto / Czech editorial photography / Profimedia Actress Veronika Žilková with her son Vincent Navrátil and Aneta Kňávová. Together at the presentation of the project First Good. The reasons were not clear at first, but the latest information claims that the former actor and also former Minister of Defense Martin Stropnický should have found a younger partner. This is nothing new, but a matter of several years. The latter was spent by Stropnický as ambassador to Israel. It was at the embassy that his new love was to emerge, as Czech Blesk writes, allegedly a consular assistant who drove Stropnický’s head crazy. Read more Veronika Žilková is divorcing after 18 years! Husband Stropnický sent her the request by e-mail: It will probably be true that their relationship lasts for three years, my husband confessed to this young mistress a few days ago. I will not comment on it at his request, “said Žilková for Blesk. Despite the fact that similar vicissitudes in a long-term relationship are probably not very reason to smile, the likable Czech actress is still smiling in society. On Tuesday, Veronika Žilková also appeared at the presentation of the news from the TV NOVA První dobrá workshop. It is a sketch comedy show with four young actors, one of whom is Vincent Navrátil. Yes, the one that many Slovak viewers already know well from the comedy hit Svätý Max. They probably already know that the fake fake priest is also the son of a well-known Czech actress and her ex-husband, Martin Navrátil. So, on Tuesday, Žilková came with a smile to support her “blood” and not only that – probably to pass on valuable advice. In the past, she herself has starred in the Tele Tele show for several years. Vincent Navrátil had support not only from his mother but also from his mother Aneta Kňávová at Tuesday’s premiere. VIDEO: One big family – which celebrities are related The content was created in collaboration with Mall.tv