Macron-Le Pen, the debate on TV

The two French presidential candidates still in contention for Sunday’s ballot negotiated to the last on the details of tonight’s debate, and in particular on the order of issues to be discussed. From 9 pm Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face each other in a two-and-a-half hour debate on Tf1 and France 2. Finally, the Audiovisual Communication Regulatory Authority proposed casting lots for the first argument, because the parties weren’t d ‘agreement. “We have gone through a very difficult period, an unprecedented crisis, a pandemic. And today the war is back on European soil. We are living in a period in which there are fear and worries. I have tried in this period to make good decisions. I want to keep doing it to make France more independent and stronger. To improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens, “Macron said during the debate.” I saw your program. In your 22 measures there is not even a word unemployment. It is a recognition of the work done in these five years and I thank you “, said Macron ironically. In these five years, he notes,” the purchasing power of the French has increased but I agree with you, with a price increases like the current ones, for some people it is difficult to make ends meet. In my more than 600 trips to France in these five years I have observed that for some people, making it to the end of the month is d difficult. It is for this reason that in the face of the surge in energy prices we have decided to put a tariff shield that is much more effective than the VAT drop as you have suggested “, underlines the French president.” Instead, you have voted against this shield. energetic. When it is blocked we find ourselves with problematic costs “, he adds. Macron explaining his economic program explained that the minimum wage” will be increased by 34 euros per month, average pensions will be increased by 60 euros per month “.” Russia has chosen a bad road for Ukraine, above all, but also for itself and for the balance of nations. We need a strong Europe to be able to count, with a strong defense – which is why I have increased military spending – to ensure our security. We must avoid a widening of the conflict, we are no one’s vassals and we must bring Russia back to reason in order to obtain a ceasefire and liberate the Ukrainian territory “, said the president of the French Republic. Since the beginning of the conflict, he then added. , “we support Ukraine with equipment and financially and by welcoming refugees.” “Depend on Russian power on Mr. Putin.” This is Macron’s accusation against RN candidate Marine Le Pen during the debate ahead of the second round of the presidential elections. “She was one of the first deputies to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea. You did it, and I say it with extreme gravity, because you depend on the Russian power and on Mr. Puttin a few months after you made a loan in 2015 with a Russian bank close to power “, underlined Macron.” You have always been ambiguous on the subject because you are not in a situation of power to power but your interests are linked to those of Russia “, he added.” What you say is false, I am a totally free woman “, replied Le Pen adding that” the aggression of to which Ukraine is a victim is not admissible, I confess that the efforts you have attempted to try to find peace, on behalf of France, deserve to be supported. Humanitarian aid to Ukraine, financial aid, material aid for defense “.” You always want to leave the EU but don’t say it anymore, “Macron continued, adding:” I am convinced that our sovereignty is national and European. With Europe, we will be more independent for our technology, our energy. We need a stronger, more integrated Europe with a trusted couple “, France and Germany, added the president referring to the fact that Le Pen is opposed to the proximity between France and Germany.