Gabika Drobová is married! Wow, have you seen such a wedding dress yet? –

April 20 is marked by a wedding for Gabriela Drobová, equal to her own. Today, the director of Fashion TV is Mrs. Rumanová, who said yes to her partner Karol in the original outfit. Gabika had been preparing for her big day since morning, during which her beloved girls kept her company. In addition to two cute nieces, the well-known playwright also had great support from her friend Jasmine Alagič. Shortly before the wedding, the blonde spoke to her followers from the car, admitting the stress. An hour later, she was already boasting beautiful rings adorning her and her husband’s hand. “You love because you love. There is no reason for love, “wrote the 48-year-old” mother “Fashion TV on Instagram. For her second wedding, Gabika chose a white elegant outfit from the successful fashion designer Veronika Hložníková, consisting of a lace top and trousers, on which a long siding is attached. As the blonde is known to be a fashion lover, she could be expected to reach for an unconventional piece that is often not seen on brides. Source / Photo: Instagram / gabrieladrobova