G20, US and allies leave meeting while Russian minister speaks

Several G20 leaders stood up and left the G20 meeting in Washington when Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov started speaking. Among those who dropped out of the US Treasury Secretary. The Washington Post reports, according to which the Ukrainian delegation among others has also left the meeting. The premier and the finance minister of Kiev – present at the meeting under the Indonesian presidency – had spoken before about Russia. Already yesterday it emerged that Yellen would have boycotted some of the G20 meetings, but it was not clear when she would have done so or if she would have done so during the interventions of the Russian delegation. in Washington dedicated to finance ministers and central bankers, he left the room when Siluanov connected, according to what is learned in Brussels. During the meeting Gentiloni welcomed the participation of the Ukrainian Finance Minister, Serhy Marchenko. The commissioner also stressed that the EU “strongly condemns the unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine, which violates international law and the United Nations Charter, undermining international security and stability”. “At the G20 plenary in Washington many of our partners withdrew when Russia wanted to intervene. We are with Ukraine and against Russia’s war of aggression.” ECB president Christine Lagarde said in a tweet, while Economy Minister Daniele Franco, according to reports, remained. The ministers of Germany and Spain also remained as did the representative of France. Italy, as a member of the Troika which is made up of the country that holds the Presidency, its predecessor and its successor, also has an institutional responsibility that binds it. presence of the Ukrainian Minister of Finance, Serhiy Marchenko at the work of the G20, initially encountering some resistance.