In the Low Tatras, he attacked people BEAR: He chased them, he chased things! PHOTO The attacked tourist spoke –

“We have a tradition of going to Ďumbier on my friend’s birthday. So we went today. At half past eight we left Trangoška and in about an hour we were at the turnoff to the Cave of Dead Bats. My friends still changed there and I went forward, but some 20-30 meters above them I noticed that about seven meters to my right, a bear is coming out of the forest, “Daniela began. Photo gallery (6) Source: archive After she heard him, she stopped and shouted at her companions on the tour so that they would not go after her. “They were still looking to see if there was anyone to be avoided, but I told them no, but that there was a bear,” she said. The bear began to walk around her, walk, circle, and several times, according to her, he walked from right to left and back. “He was slowly getting closer and closer and he didn’t want to give me peace,” she told Photo gallery (6) Source: archive In a difficult situation, she was finally helped by a friend who approached her and advised her to go back. “So I went back to him, but the bear was walking behind me, and then he whipped me twice with my paws on the backpack I had on my back. A friend then told me to put my backpack down and throw it away, “she said. She listened to the advice and got rid of the backpack, that was enough for the bear and he gave the woman peace. Furthermore, he focused only on the discarded backpack, which he took in the papule and took away. However, this does not end the whole case. “We immediately went back to Trangoška and on the way we met the cottagers who go up to Štefánička because they were carrying supplies that day,” Daniel continues. Photo gallery (6) Source: archive The men advised her to report the whole thing to the appropriate places, which she did, and they also promised that if they found her things along the way, they would bring them to her. Thanks to them, the woman eventually received a backpack that was torn. The jacket, which she lost during the encounter with the bear, but she was not even worn back, was literally in France. Mention should also be made of the fact that they only managed to get things a second time, because when they went upstairs for the first time, the bear was still with his backpack. “One of them was skiing, he just managed to take my backpack for the second time,” she said. But he also had to deal with the bear, because he started chasing him. “He was still very lucky to be skiing. He said he was going down the 80’s and the bear was chasing him for a long time. He expected to take two strokes of the skis on the skis and the bear would leave it at that, but the bear did not leave it at that, “she said. we met several groups of people walking upstairs. We warned every group not to go upstairs because there was a bear, or at least to be careful. One of those groups consisted of two or three ski alpinists, who decided to try it and go upstairs. We then met them down at the cottage, where they returned, saying that they had not been able to pass the bear and began to threaten them, “the attacked woman continued talking. Photo gallery (6) Source: archive As it turned out, the bear is already in these The chatters told me that it was a bear that had been doing sharapata last year, at that time he still had a mother who later weaned him. But last year was still very shy. “This year, people started feeding him on the road, in the cottage and even in the parking lot,” she said. However, the decision to take action against the bear was made only after he attacked a human being today. They are not running, but they are chasing and only with great luck nothing has happened, “they said. tourists not to use the tourist trail from Trangoška to MR Štefánik’s cottage until further notice. The bear that occurs here has completely lost its shyness due to feeding both tourists and cottage owners, so it can pose a threat to tourists. The situation is being resolved by the ŠOP SR Intervention Team for the Brown Bear in cooperation with the NAPANT Administration and other entities, “they said.