Turkey against the Kurds, Erdogan: “Operations also in Syria, we will break his head”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises to expand military operations against Kurdish militants in Syria. “Sooner or later we will also break the head of the terrorist group that is preparing to grow” in some “areas of Syria,” he said from Ankara, according to reports from the Dpa agency, referring to the YPG, the militias of Popular Protection Units present. in Kurdish-majority regions after Turkey announced on Monday the launch of another operation against the PKK bases in northern Iraq. “If God wills, there will soon be no place called Qandil”, the Turkish leader urged in front of the parliamentarians of his party, referring to the areas in northern Iraq and to the PKK, considered a terrorist organization by Ankara. Erdogan, al-Arabiya reports, claimed that the central government of Baghdad supports the latest Turkish offensive against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq even though Baghdad has summoned the Turkish ambassador for a protest. The Turkish president thanked “the central government in Iraq and the regional administration for their support in our fight against terror “and spoke of an operation” in close coordination with the central Iraqi government and the regional administration in northern Iraq “. “The Turkish Armed Forces have started this operation to clean up the occupied areas in northern Iraq from the presence of terrorists – he said, according to the Anadolu news agency – We are doing everything possible to contribute to the strengthening of their territorial integrity and political unity in so that our neighbors can live in safety and peace. We will continue to do so. We are moving forward with the same objective in Syria as in Iraq. ” Erdogan spoke of “security of our borders”, and – the Dpa still reports – hinted at new military operations against the PKK and the YPG in Syria. “Unfortunately, no matter what we do inside (the country), we cannot completely eradicate the terrorists who have gathered beyond our border,” he said in what appear to be the strongest statements in a long time. insects always reproduce because the swamp has not dried up “.