Hepatitis of unknown origin: is there an established link between Covid-19 and these inflammations of the liver? – LaDepeche.fr

the essential Several dozen cases of inflammation of the liver have been observed in several children in Europe and the United States. Two cases have been detected in France. The World Health Organization does not rule out a possible link with SARS-CoV-2. Is the inflammation of the liver, recently observed in children under 10 in several European countries, linked to Covid-19? The track is taken very seriously by the World Health Organization, in charge of investigating cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin, which currently strike young children, especially in the United Kingdom. Read also: Acute hepatitis in children: what we know about these inflammations of the liver observed in the United Kingdom Indeed, of the 74 cases that were detected on the other side of the Channel, several children were tested positive for Covid-19. The World Health Organization has indicated that it is on multiple tracks and does not rule out an adenovirus-like virus such as SARS-CoV-2. For the time being, the organization considers that “the role of its pathogens in the development of the disease is not clear”. For its part, the health security of the United Kingdom (UKHSA) indicates that these cases of hepatitis would not be linked to any infection with the virus whatsoever. A possible link with Covid-19? However, can contamination with Covid-19 lead to inflammation of the liver? “Possible, indicates Professor Jacques Izopet, head of the virology department, at the University Hospital Center of Toulouse, with La Dépêche du Midi. To my knowledge, contamination with SARS-CoV-2 can lead to liver damage and therefore to an increase in so-called transaminases”, proteins that are found mainly in liver cells. This is a key indicator, which can be a sign of viral infectious hepatitis. Read also: Acute hepatitis of unknown origin: jaundice, itching… what are the symptoms? The specialist remains cautious, this link between Covid-19 and these hepatitises remains to be confirmed: “For the time being, the information that we have does not allow us to link these acute hepatitises to SARS-CoV-2”, continues Professor Jacques Izopet. The British health authorities have in any case ruled out any impact whatsoever with regard to the vaccines used today to fight against the virus: none of the children suffering from this hepatitis have been vaccinated. “No other epidemiological risk factor has been identified to date, in particular recent international travel”, informs the WHO, which “closely monitors the situation” without deploring, for the moment, any death. whether it be. Two cases detected in France In Europe, the authorities expect new reports in the coming days. This Tuesday, April 19, Public Health France announced that it had detected the first two cases in France, for children under 10 years old: “Cases of acute hepatitis of undetermined etiology in children are not rare. occurrence of these two cases is not unexpected and does not testify, at this stage, to an excess of cases in France”, explain the health authorities. Nine other cases have been detected in the United States. Read also: Hepatitis of unknown origin: cases detected in France in children under 10 The symptoms described by those affected are identified: “dark urine, pale and gray stools, itchy skin, yellowing eyes and skin, muscle and joint pain, high temperature, abnormal fatigue, loss of appetite and stomach aches”, lists the United Kingdom health security agency. To protect yourself as well as possible, it is recommended to apply the usual hygiene measures (such as hand washing).