War in Ukraine: Did the United States help the Ukrainian army sink the cruiser Moskva? – The Independent

An American patrol plane reportedly flew over the sea area in which the Russian ship was anchored some time before the attack. Did the US military play a role in the destruction of the Moskva? According to the Daily Mail, which relays information from the Times, the American navy has provided the exact location coordinates of the Russian flagship to the Ukrainian forces. And this, thanks to its maritime surveillance plane, a P-8 Poseidon built by Boeing. Equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, it can track surface ships and submarines at ranges of over 100 miles. The P-8 would have taken off from the American naval air base of Sigonella in Sicily, a few hours before the attack. Before reaching the Black Sea coastline, the Poseidon reportedly turned off its trackers, so it could no longer be located. Thus, the plane would have been “hidden” for nearly three hours before becoming detectable by radar again. The Times adds that there were slightly more American planes covering the Black Sea coast on the day of the attack. To read also: “Moskva” sunk: the flagship “requalified as a submarine”, when the Ukrainians laugh at this symbolic loss for Russia The American navy maintains the mystery However, the American navy refused to confirm if it had whether or not they helped Ukraine in the attack by providing intelligence data. A Defense source, interviewed by The Times, added: ‘In line with our support to NATO’s eastern flank, we have carried out limited aerial patrols off the coast of Romania.’ But we won’t talk about the details of operational matters”. Russian warship which was patrolling south of Odessa on April 13. Russia initially claimed the vessel, which had more than 500 crew on board, exploded after a fire on board before being forced to admit that the ship had been destroyed by hostile action.Moskva was the main radar platform of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, equipped with S-300 surface-to-air missiles to protect against air attacks. : War in Ukraine: In Mariupol, besieged soldiers may be living their “last days”, the situation live