Ukraine-Russia, Guerini: “Without aid today we will have annexation”

Ukraine-Russia war, “if we had not” given international support to Kiev “today we would in fact be in the presence of an annexation against the will of a sovereign state to another state”. This is what Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini said, when asked about the conflict in Ukraine on the sidelines of Dia’s “traveling anti-mafia week” today in Naples. “I believe that if a true and fair negotiation solution can be reached, this is possible thanks to the resistance of Ukraine and the aid that the international community has given to that country”, added Guerini. Read also “We look with great concern at the escalation of a conflict that has now lasted for almost two months, a conflict that has disproved Putin and Russia’s predictions of a military aggression that would end in a few days. The resistance of the forces and of the Ukrainian people has been and still is extraordinary. We continue to help Ukraine and we do it in the way that the international community has decided to follow: sanctions, direct aid, including military assistance from the point of view of supply. of military equipment, but at the same time we also support all efforts to reach a negotiated solution that is transparent, true and fair “. “We have to keep these two activities together – explained Guerini – to support Ukraine but also to implement and support all diplomacy efforts”. he explains. “We are all following with great concern and participation what is happening in Ukraine after the Russian aggression, the images that arrive of the attacks and bombings on the cities give the sense of an activity that does not spare the civilian population”. “We must continue on the one hand to support Ukraine, as we are doing together with the entire international community, to condemn the Russian aggression and at the same time to feed all channels of dialogue and confrontation to arrive at a negotiation that is fair, sincere, and transparent “. “This is the commitment we are trying to achieve, and we hope that this space that these channels will be seized above all by Russia which up to now had not shown its willingness to start negotiations and serious confrontation”, concludes Guerini.