GTA 5: on PS5 and Xbox Series, transphobic content removed by Rockstar

GTA 5 game news: on PS5 and Xbox Series, transphobic content removed by Rockstar ci on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series: the developers have visibly removed sequences deemed transphobic by an association. Discriminating content removed from GTA 5 We know it: the Grand Theft Auto series is good at hitting all communities, constantly arming itself with satirical and acid humor to establish the societal criticism of its time. Nevertheless, some jokes and references pass better than others and those intended for the LGBTQ + community have remained across the throat of Out Making Games, an association working to defend this specific sector: it published in particular, in September, an open letter to Rockstar asking it to remove certain transphobic content from Grand Theft Auto V. Remarks directly supported by Kotaku thereafter, in short, enough to make noise. And it looks like the noise was heard. Out Making Games has just affirmed that the remarks and illustrations in question – caricatures of drag queens around Cockatoos and sentences of the main characters being intended for them, relating to the taking of hormones in particular – have visibly been erased from the latest versions of the game, on PS5 and Xbox Series. Earlier in April, a player also pointed out another deletion, that of the virtual Captain Spacetoy figurine… which could change its genitals. The models still exist in Director Mode at the moment, but their dialogue options have been removed (presumably this means protagonist dialogue lines to these NPCs about using hormones etc are therefore unused now too).PC vs PS5. Thanks @SpiderVice for the PC screens.— Kirsty Cloud (@kirstycloud) April 8, 2022 As it stands, it’s unclear whether Rockstar acted in response to Out Making Games’ open letter since the R-starred firm n made no official comment. Everything leads us to believe, however, that the studio has heard the criticisms addressed to it: enough to push the association to cheerfully thank the designers for having “made the problem a priority”. We recall that Grand Theft Auto V was released in originally in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: it was subsequently released on PC, then on PS4 and Xbox One before landing quite recently, in 2022, on next-generation consoles. Our test is available at this address. Buy GTA 5 on PS5 in box at only €20.49 at E.Leclerc Buy GTA 5 on Xbox Series in box at €29.99 at Fnac This page contains affiliate links to certain products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will pay us a commission. Learn more. By Max_Cagnard, Journalist MPTwitter