Presidential 2022: studious atmosphere before the big debate for Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen – franceinfo

Posted on 04/19/2022 22:58 Article written by How are Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron preparing for the televised duel which will pit them against each other on Wednesday April 20? Answers with journalists Caroline Motte and Julien Nény. For Marine Le Pen, Tuesday April 19, the watchwords are work and rest before the debate between the two rounds, which will take place on Wednesday April 20. “A studious atmosphere for Marine Le Pen, who has made a clear place in her diary. She is at work, surrounded by her closest advisers, in particular her brother-in-law, Philippe Olivier”, reports journalist Caroline Motte, in duplex since the Candidate’s HQ. She revises her argument using thematic sheets, then “fine tunes and prepares her angles of attack on Emmanuel Macron’s balance sheet”, continues the journalist. Emmanuel Macron’s agenda was parasitized by international news: a videoconference on Ukraine was organized at the request of Joe Biden, in which he participated. Preparatory meetings for the debate took place in the afternoon of April 19 “and part of the evening at the Élysée Palace”, indicates journalist Julien Nény, live from Emmanuel Macron’s HQ. The Head of State is in a “restricted circle”, with his “trusted men”. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share by email Share link