After salmonellosis, a new controversy mounts against Ferrero – Yahoo News

White bubbles in jars of Nutella have aroused consumer concern and mistrust on social networks, says “Le Figaro”. This is a mistake that the Ferrero group would have done well. As Le Figaro spotted on Tuesday April 19, many Internet users complained on social networks about mysterious whitish bubbles present in some of the group’s flagship products, such as jars of Nutella or Kinder Eggs. This growing controversy comes just days after Ferrero found itself in the eye of the storm following the salmonella contamination of a variety of Kinder products, which severely damaged the brand’s image with consumers. .In reality, this phenomenon has nothing to do with the suspected salmonella in some Kinder products. Ferrero claims that these white bubbles are “due to storage conditions” and that “this does not affect the quality and taste of the product in any way”. “It’s a known phenomenon in the industry called granini. This corresponds to small balls of oil that form as a result of temperature variations. The appearance has no impact on the product, which remains completely edible and does not alter its taste in any way,” a representative of the group also told our colleagues. 150 cases of food poisoning after the salmonella scandal this line of defense, these white bubbles could have a direct impact on Ferrero’s sales. As a reminder, the Italian brand has carried out a massive recall of all Kinder chocolates produced in the Belgian factory in Ar […] Read moreVIDEO – 5 things to know about Ferrero