How can I be reimbursed for flights canceled by Volotea? – The Telegram

A Lanestérien who has never been able to take off from Nice to reach Brest airport. A Finisterian who had to return to Brest on his own, after the cancellation of his flight from Montpellier airport. On this Easter weekend, it was better not to have booked a plane ticket with Volotea. The pilots and flight crew of the Spanish company had launched a strike to demand better working conditions and wages. This movement, which threatens to happen again next weekend, has completely disrupted the company, and left hundreds of travelers dormant. join Brest, don’t lose your temper. Not only did he learn of the cancellation barely an hour before boarding, but he was left without an explanation, and without a solution, then passed around by customer service, without ever managing to reach someone on the other end of the line. It was not until Monday evening, at 8 p.m., that he received a message telling him that a new flight had been chartered this Tuesday morning, to allow him to return to Brest. “Too late, I had already organized accordingly, by reserving the hotel and renting a car to return this Tuesday”, deplores the one who is not at his first setbacks with the Spanish low-cost company. This time again, when his canceled flight on Monday has turned into a delayed flight, he fears he will be at his expense. to offer the best possible solution to its passengers”. Including “full refund in case of cancellation”. An assertion which seriously doubts Me Joyce Pitcher, of the Paris Bar, specializing in litigation relating to air transport. Since the health crisis, litigation has piled up on his desk. “In the lead, Volotea, side by side with Ryanair. The files continue to flow, knowing that the prescription is five years. But we have already recovered more than €1 million for our customers, ”she says. Her firm defends passengers free of charge. When the company is condemned, he collects the sums allocated by the courts for the procedural costs provided for in article 700 of the code of criminal procedure. case of delay of more than 3 hours, “they are entitled to compensation of 250, 400 or 600 € depending on the distance between the airports. “And in the event of cancellation, “in addition to compensation, they can choose between reimbursement of their canceled flight or a rerouting flight”. Exceptions exist, for example in the event of very complicated weather conditions, but the Court of justice confirmed on March 23, 2021 that an internal strike at the airline, initiated by a union, is not an extraordinary circumstance. ?To make their request, passengers who cannot find a contact person at Volotea can contact the Pitcher firm and fill out an online form.Practice