Hackers have revealed the names of agents of the Russian secret service FSB, there are hundreds of them – Živé.sk

The Anonymous movement is behind the operation. Hackers from the PuckArks group, which joins the Anonymous movement, informed about their latest “catch” via the social network Twitter. They say they have been able to obtain a list of more than 600 Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agents. They published the relevant information on the night from Monday to Tuesday. The list is quite comprehensive, containing, in addition to names, other potentially sensitive data, such as dates of birth, telephone numbers or passport numbers. The list contains 620 entries, and (at least for now) it is publicly available. Authenticity, resp. the accuracy of the information cannot be verified in advance. The Russian FSB did not report any disruption to its computer systems. However, it is also likely that even if a similar attack took place, the public would not know any specific details.