Zuzana Caputova criticized Heger’s government for inaction – Pluska.sk

President Zuzana Čaputová is perhaps the most active head of state we have ever had. There is not a day that it does not solve societal problems and does not shy away from criticizing both coalition and opposition politicians. She often does it diplomatically, but what she has now said to the ruling parties will not be easy for their representatives to read. According to Čaputová, the deteriorating social situation in Slovakia is becoming increasingly alarming. “People lost their income during the pandemic and now they have to worry about huge price increases,” the president wrote on the social network. According to the president, the Institute of Financial Policy of the Ministry of Finance drew attention to double-digit year-on-year inflation of 10.4% in March five days ago. According to Čaputová, the situation before the war as a result of the pandemic and rising energy prices worsened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: “Slovakia is experiencing such a rise in consumer prices for the first time in 22 years – energy, housing and food prices rose the most.” The coalition partners will remember the words for a long time: “In the last few months, I guess not a single week has passed, when I would not remind the government of the need to act and help citizens, especially single parents, low-income pensioners or families with several children.” it is the duty of the government to help repeatedly, in a targeted manner and in a sufficient amount so that the people who already live from hand to mouth today do not fall even further and do not lose their housing. Read more Politicians FOLD WEAPONS at least ON GOOD NIGHT: What did the GLOSSARY Čaputová, Kollár and PELLEGRINI say? Čaputová decided to lend a helping hand to the coalition partners and suggested to them how to deal with the situation: “A good tool would be a repeated targeted benefit – a housing allowance, which would help increase housing prices for the most vulnerable groups measures such as the reduction of VAT or the flat-rate payment of lump sums. ”You can find what the president referred to the government’s conclusion in the gallery. Author: npk