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Blizzard just announced Dragonflight, the next World of Warcraft expansion. Get ready to return to battle in Azeroth alongside Alexstrasza!Note: More info will be added to this news during the evening.AnnouncementBlizzard announces Dragonflight, a new extension for WoW.A new race, the Drac’thyr . Have a human form. You have access to special abilities. You will necessarily be an Evoker, a new weary. Two specializations, DPS available or Heal. It’s a hero class. You start at level 58 in a special area. Wearing mail.Overhaul of the world, the interface, the professions, the talents.A new talent system, divided into two trees, one dedicated to your class and another to your specialization.There will be transmogs linked to trades.You will have the opportunity to fly with your own dragon. A customizable Dragon mount. Level cap level 70. Dragon Islands. 4 leveling zones, 1 starting zone. Soon an Alpha phase. Deep Dive The dragon islands are well known to WoW players. This is the area where flights are born. It was the center of the world originally. When the Legion arrived, the Sundering scattered the areas, the land fell asleep, and the Titans guarded the lands from the dragons until today. Dragons were very different back then. Each flight has unique powers and are meant to defend Azeroth. They usually use their powers for good. We will aid the dragons against awakened ancient foes. The Djaradins are one of them. There are many other inhabitants on the dragon islands. The Tuskars are back. We will learn more about a race of centaurs. Wrathion is also present. The Drac’thyrs are the new race that we will have available. It is a creation of Neltharion, with the aim of making them ideal soldiers. Exploration is one of the key points of this expansion. The areas are huge, have a lot of places to discover. We will see the architectural history of the dragons. The Dragons had to learn the lessons of the past and must once again be the protectors of Azeroth. The League of Explorers and the Reliquary will be present. Kalecgos will also be present, as will Ebonhorn and Merithra. There will be stories from the past, which only dragons know. Waking Shore and the Ohn’ahran Plains are the first two areas.Waking Shore is an untamed wild land where elementals are found. There is lava, giant dragons. You board a boat with the opposing faction and arrive at these ruined buildings. The Alliance and the Horde send an expedition together. The Red Flight is led by Alexstrasza and must protect all life on Azeroth, aid players and welcome them. Irion is coming to the islands with us. What can be the future of his flight? The Djardins are giants who also slept. They are now awake and ready to wreak havoc. The Red Flight want to deal with this threat. Ducks will be present in the area, a first in Azeroth. The Plains are large open plains, a very contrasting area. You will see large expanses, dragons, centaurs that you will help. Ohn’ahran is the savage goddess of the wind who guided the centaurs to the dragon islands. We will explore the culture of centaurs, allied with dragons. The latter have made a lot of progress since the departure of the latter. They have founded a new life here. You will need to earn their trust. The Green Flight resides in groves, which are more restful. View distance has been increased and pushes players to explore. There are plenty of activities to do in the different areas, solve problems, lots of exploration. Azure Span and Tahldrazus are the next two areas. Azure Span is one of the largest areas in the extension. There are many heights. This is reminiscent of the Grisons. It is a misty forest, which opens towards a golden and red tundra, up to a snow zone with waterfalls. The Gnolls are present, as well as the Tuskars, who have new models for the occasion. The Blue Flight helps players here with Kalecgos. We will explore the archives of Sindragosa.Thaldrazus is an untouched area. It is the heart of the power of the dragonflights, the home of the dragons. Mountains, caves. The Bronze Flight is present. Valdrakon will be the main city of the expansion. Each flight manages one of the districts of the capital. Thyrhold is a wonder of the titans which traverses the valley. It was built by Tyr, a Titan who helped the aspects defeat Galakrond. It was 10,000 years ago. A lot has happened since. The Drac’thyr Evoker will be the new race and class in the expansion. Such an extension was to allow playing a dragon. These are created by Neltharion. You have to choose between the Alliance and the Horde. It is a unique class capable of wielding the magic of the five dragonflights. New effects have been created for the occasion. There is a ranged DPS specialization, red and blue. The Heal specialization focuses on green and bronze magic. A new type of spell, Empower, charges spells to be more powerful. You can fly around the battlefield and cast your spells while flying. There are many customizations available for this race. You will learn the art flight on dragons. You will have new animations, better immersion. Completely unique dragons. A feeling like never seen before, with rolls, effects… There will be new cosmetic options for dragons, horns, spikes, etc.