Abroad reports: Erling Haaland is determined and agreed! Dortmund has already found a replacement – ŠPORT.SK

That LM has finally won the feelings ??? And it can also be a good choice for Nora. Even though Real still has its name, it’s the team before the rebuilding. Today, they stand on one player, who, if they didn’t, they don’t even have a title and they are no longer in LM. And this player will not be pulling the next season either, while the rest of the team is average with one overmotivated Brazilian. In addition, the Norwegians did not do very well in Real. they used to bury their careers there. Basically, there aren’t many teams that players like Haaland or Mbappé can afford. The two will be pulling for the next decade, as Messi and Ronald have been pulling so far.