Mercedes EQS SUV has a range of up to 660 kilometers –

19. Apr 2022 at 13:18 I Paid content It’s the biggest electric SUV brand. Mercedes has taken plans to expand its electric car model line really seriously. The EQ family has recently expanded to include the SUV version of the most luxurious EQS. It shares not only the EVA chassis platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles, but also the wheelbase, which is 3210 mm. Of course, the SUV is 200 mm higher and offers up to seven seats. The article continues with a video ad. Following the model of the EQS sedan, the front bonnet does not open in this case either, and the windscreen washer mixture must be topped up through a hole in the left fender. LED modules.Related articleRelated article The Mercedes EQS is an enticing future for electric sedans (test) Read Even with this model, the three screens of the MBUX Hyperscreen system occupy most of the dashboard, while the middle largest is up to 12.8 inches. Along with the driver’s screen, it uses OLED technology for bright colors. In addition to touch controls, Mercedes relies heavily on voice guidance with support for up to 27 languages. But you would still be looking in vain for Slovak. [email protected] so we can help you. “data-msg-btn-logout =” Log in as another user “data-msg-btn-close =” Stay logged in “>