Guys, is my son just lost at sea? Dozens of Russian sailors – Denník N – allegedly died at the sunken cruiser

For the pro-Russian residents of the military port of Sevastopol on the annexed Ukrainian Crimean peninsula, the Moscow cruiser has always been more than just an ordinary ship. It was a concept of imperial proportions. “The position of the aircraft carrier killer has been tickled by the ego,” wrote Pavel Kazarin, a well-known Ukrainian journalist from the Crimea and now a member of Kyiv’s territorial defense. Russia’s flagship Moscow was to be rebuilt and ready for a possible World War III, it is now at its bottom, and according to Kazarin, Russia’s social networks have gone through several stages of grief: first denial comes, then anger, and now it is a matter of arguing. They also lied about the fate of their sailors. As with Kursk, “They’re trying to convince themselves that the missile cruiser has sunk for American intrigue. They are juggling versions feverishly, just so as not to allow the Ukrainian army to win over their own symbol. But there is only despair and acceptance of the truth ahead of them, “adds the Ukrainian journalist. According to Kyiv and the Pentagon, Moscow sank to the bottom after being hit by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. This was also confirmed by a source of Russian Medusa from the command of the Russian Black Sea Naval Fleet. The greatest cynicism in deceiving Russian propaganda about the true fate of the cruiser Moscow was in disrespect for its own victims. The Kremlin first denied that the ship had sunk, claiming an accident and an explosion, then only dryly stated that the entire crew had been evacuated. Not a word about the victims. According to the findings of the Russian server Meduza, their article This article is the exclusive content for the subscribers of Denník N. Are you a subscriber?