White bubbles on Nutella: Ferrero reassures Internet users after the salmonellosis episode – Le Figaro

Consumers have expressed concern about seeing white bubbles on certain brand products. A normal phenomenon that has nothing to do with salmonella suspected in some Kinder products, according to Ferrero. The possible salmonella contamination of a variety of Kinder products seems to have deeply undermined the confidence of some consumers in Ferrero. At the beginning of the week, several customers of the brand shared with concern on social networks photos of another emblematic product, namely the Nutella spread. In question: in some jars, the chocolate-hazelnut paste would be topped with whitish bubbles. Special attention Consumers are scalded after the revelation of salmonella contamination of Kinder products (belonging to the Ferrero group) which forced the confectioner to recall all products from the Belgian factory in Arlon and produced between October 15 and January 10. Among them, Easter chocolates, Schoko-bons, but also Advent calendars planned for the month of December 2021. SEE ALSO – Salmonella, listeria, E.Coli… What are the risks? The massive recall, however, does not concern Nutella or certain chocolate eggs such as Kinder Eggs. The very ones that Internet users are now worried about. Kinder wanted to reassure them by indicating on his official Twitter account that the bubbles that could appear on the surface of the products were not linked to salmonella, but to a simple separation of the fat from the rest of the product. What causes the white bubbles on Nutella? Ferrero confirms with Le Figaro: “It is a phenomenon known in the industry which is called ‘granini’. This corresponds to small balls of oil that form following temperature variations. The appearance has no impact on the product, which remains completely consumable and does not alter its taste in any way.” This phenomenon has been noticed by Internet users for years, and long before the suspicions of salmonella infection. In a Reddit discussion dated 2014, a member of the online forum shared an image of his jar of Nutella topped with white bubbles, before being reassured by other Internet users about their nature. Read alsoFaced with Nutella, the spread war does not weaken Same thing on a forum intended for American families: in 2013, a user had shared an image of his spread and his white bubbles, before contacting directly Nutella which had indicated that the storage conditions, and in particular the ambient temperature, could produce this phenomenon of separation of the fat. SEE ALSO – Kinder: Ferrero recalls hundreds of tons of chocolates for suspected salmonella