When he took turns, the game of Naples went down. How serious is Lobot’s injury? – Pravda.sk

They lost Stanislav Lobotka first, then the victory. For SSC Naples footballers, it was Easter Monday as a nightmare. Photo: Vincenzo Izzo / ddp USA / Profimedia Stanislav Lobotka in SSC Napoli jersey. The game was played in 57 minutes. The fourth referee pulled out the scoreboard. The number 68 was played red. Lobotka came on, Piotr Zielinski had to leave the fray. Naples coach Luciano Spalletti rarely decides to take such a step. Especially if his trustees lead. He had no choice this time. The conductor of the SSC game had health problems, felt severe pain and went down. “We only have initial information so far. Lobo had muscle problems, but it was more of a cramp. I do not expect it to be a serious injury,” reassured fans of Naples and the Slovak national team Spalletti. Lobotka became one of the building blocks of Partenopei in the title fight. If his health serves him, he is a unit in the position of a defensive midfielder. Read more Bad news for Tarkovich. Lobotka recovered his injury “He is an excellent player and a boy. He works hard, helps us build the attack and can be relied on, “said Spalletti during the season. Lobotka’s absence in Sunday’s duel against AS Roma (1: 1) was palpable. An experienced 63-year-old coach also admitted it. When Lobotka left the field, the home team led 1: 0. However, the Romans equalized in the set time of the second half. “His departure probably caused the quality of our offensive phase. We were unable to hold the ball as before. However, we have enough quality players to handle this situation,” added the disgruntled Spalletti. We bring to your attention News, discussions, comments … Join us and follow our FB page ┼áport.Pravda.sk Naples loses four points from the third place to the head of AC Milan due to a domestic trip. Both teams have five more matches ahead of them by the end of the season. The second is Milan’s Inter with Milan ┼ákriniar, who, however, has a good match over its main competitors. “There is no calculation or percentage estimate. All I can say is that we will try to win all the remaining matches one hundred percent and then we will see, “Spalletti concluded.