Development of the fighting (Day 54): The Russian offensive has begun, Putin is trying to break through where Stalin suffered one of the biggest defeats – Diary N

Where the Russians are attacking and how the Ukrainians are trying to stop them. In the boiler at Barvinkov, Stalin lost three armies and hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Map of the day – a detailed deployment of troops in Mariupol with estimates of the number of Russian troops that the defenders bind and will not allow them to fight in the decisive battle of Donbas. Videos of the day – bombing of the Mariovol ironworks Azovstal; Ukrainian tank in urban combat; a long video about how a drone discovered Russian howitzers, how they watched them and how it turned out. Even today, we bring you a summary of the situation on the battlefield, compiled from information from various ministries of defense and independent analysts. The series also features the observations of Russian nationalist and criminal Igor Strelkov (Girkin), who was a key figure in the outbreak of the war in 2014, but in addition to the success of the Russian army on his profile on the Russian social network VKontakte, he writes openly about its defeats and problems. The information in this text is a summary of the results of the fighting on Monday, April 18. The current situation in some places may be different. An overview of confirmed losses is at the end of the article. While the Russians are attacking south, the Ukrainians are trying to bypass them from the back near Kharkiv. If the Russians succeeded, they would capture the eastern part of the country and destroy the best Ukrainian troops. Estimates speak of 50,000 to 60,000 soldiers. Then Putin could decide if that was enough for him or if he could try to conquer Kyiv again. The good news is that, according to several observers (including Igor Strelkov), such a dark scenario is unlikely. Not only the Russians but also the Ukrainians were preparing for new battles. The key cities in the area have been fortified and are ready. The question is who will last longer and the will to fight. Another good news is that the weather forecast reports a lot of rain for the fighting area and that means a lot of mud. Which in turn means limited ability of Russians to maneuver and more chances for Ukrainians to attack their columns of already green forests. Where the Russians are attacking and where the Ukrainians are. The Russians managed to advance to this article on Monday. This article is the exclusive content for the subscribers of DennĂ­k N.