Tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers may be stuck in a huge cauldron, the Russians are counting on three strikes – HNonline.sk

The second phase of the war began in southeastern Ukraine. The Russian army has already concentrated enough forces and, after a massive bombing of many cities, has launched a ground offensive. The Russians seem to be counting on three strikes at this time. Important port The first phase of the war ended in a stalemate. Russian special forces tried to conquer Hostomel Airport near Kiev, which was to become the starting point for a similar type of operation, which Soviet troops demonstrated in 1968 in Czechoslovakia and 1979 in Afghanistan. After the occupation of the airport, huge unions of airborne units with equipment were to start landing on it, which would then break into the center of the capital, where they would capture, kill or force the legal Ukrainian government, led by President Volodomyry Zelensky, to flee. They succeeded in 1968 and 1979, but not now. This article is for subscribers only.
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