Shocking Divorce after 18 years: Confirmed! Her husband left the Czech actress due to her younger LOVE! –

In mid-March, Martin Stropnický surprised his wife by e-mail, in which he informed her that he no longer saw the future for the two of them. “He wrote me that a possible new relationship was the result,” the actress said at the time. From these words, it was probably clear to everyone that this way the ambassador was just preparing his ex for an early overrun of his new relationship. Veronika Stropnická Žilková And now the guaranteed resources from the embassy in Israel have started to sound. According to the Czech Blesk, Stropnický’s new partner’s name is Markéta and she has been working at the Tel Aviv office since 2016 as a consular assistant. Well, she allegedly brushed her teeth on the ambassador from his inception almost four years ago. “She bragged that she would divorce him, she even bet it on her colleagues. Under Stropnický, she passed the selection procedure for a higher position and has been making a career ever since, “says a former employee of the embassy, ​​who is well acquainted with the backstage of the Czech embassy. And surprisingly, anonymous did not stop Žilková. Photo gallery (2) Source: Instagram VŽ “I often get similar announcements about his relationship at the embassy. The first three years ago and again in recent months. I have repeatedly informed my husband about them. So far, he has refuted them, “admits Žilková. According to reports from Tel Aviv, Stropnický’s new relationship in the workplace is a public secret, Markéta is even said to be a frequent guest at his residence. “It simply came to our notice then. My husband personally confessed this young mistress to me a few days ago. I will not comment on this at the request of my husband, “said Bleska Žilková, adding that she does not want to divorce. Stropnický will have to choose the next procedure. However, the information that her husband was taking her mistress to the residence dialed her. “I have nothing to say that his subordinate would have lived in the ambassador’s residence. Kordulka and I still have our personal belongings there, because we assumed that after the opening of the borders in March 2022, there would be a return to our father if possible, “explains Žilková, pointing out her husband’s offenses. “If so, it would be against all security rules, regulations and diplomatic protocol. Only the ambassador’s family may live in the residence, “the actress added.