War in Ukraine live: Russia launched a military offensive in the Donbass, bombarding dozens of targets – Le Monde

We do not have the precise questionnaire sent to Ukraine, but we can give you some details on this document which appears in the “classic” process of accession to the European Union. Each State wishing to join the EU must complete a questionnaire aimed at assessing the state of preparation of the candidate countries according to the membership criteria defined during the Copenhagen European Council in 1993, and generally called the “Copenhagen criteria”. These criteria, three in number, relate to: the political domain, namely: does the candidate have stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights as well as respect and the protection of minorities? the economic field, namely: does the candidate have a viable market economy and companies that will easily integrate into the single European market? the Community domain, namely: can the candidate assume the obligations of EU membership, in particular to subscribe to the objectives of political, economic and monetary union? The number of questions may vary depending on the country. For example, in the case of Croatia there were 4,560 questions, while in the case of the current candidate countries North Macedonia there were 4,666 questions, Montenegro 2,178 and Serbia 2,486. candidates are usually given an indicative timeframe of three months to complete the questionnaire, but the European Commission has long stipulated that “quality is more important than speed” and that the candidate country may take longer to respond in order to obtain better quality of responses. After obtaining these answers, the European Commission publishes an official “opinion”, which includes a detailed “analytical report” covering all the Copenhagen criteria, including 33 policy chapters of the acquis communautaire, as well as conclusions and potential recommendations. to the Council of the EU concerning the granting of candidate country status and the opening of accession negotiations.