Huge sadness in the Lipšica family: He lost his beloved person on Easter Monday! –

While the others experienced the festive moments of Easter Monday, the family of special prosecutor Lipšica experienced great depression and sadness. The doctor and father Daniel Lipšic, who was always a role model for him, left the family forever. Both parents were doctors Lipšic also revealed what and what profession his father was engaged in. “When I was in politics and then in advocacy, I often traveled all over Slovakia. I will never forget meetings – quite coincidentally – when unknown people came to me who told me they were patients of my father or my mother,” recalls Lipsic. who says goodbye to his father. The special prosecutor added that his father’s departure arrived on Monday evening. “My father left for our Lord yesterday evening. An exceptional doctor and a righteous man. We will miss you very much. May our Lord give you eternal rest,” added Lipšic, who added several shots of his father and his wife and children.