Ukraine, Tymoshenko: “Putin a fascist barbarian, Europe is in danger”

Russian missiles on Lviv ” are missiles aimed at the whole world, it is the message that Putin is sending you, and it is a bell that is ringing very loudly. It is crossing many ‘red lines’, so Europe is in danger. Indeed, the world is in danger. ” This is what Julija Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, protagonist of the Orange Revolution against Yanukovych’s 2004 presidential victory said in an interview with La Repubblica. to want to ” thank not only him, who is very courageous, but also the Italian government. It is an important gesture of support for Ukraine. Everything that is happening, starting with the dead in Lviv, can only be interpreted as a war crime. They are indiscriminate bombings. The responsibility lies with Putin, who must be punished for this ”. Putin whom Tymoshenko defines ” a barbarian. I’ll explain why: having launched a war against a peaceful, democratic and European country like Ukraine is a confirmation of his barbaric nature. He encouraged the elimination of the elderly, women, children. This cannot be described in any other way than with that word: barbarian. And fascist. Someone thinks he’s crazy, I don’t think so. He has a cold, rational, cynical mind. And behind his behavior there is like a dark core, something that comes from the darkest Middle Ages ”. Putin’s goal, he says, ” is to conquer all of our territory. So this is the moment of truth: let it do it, or stop it. But victory doesn’t just depend on Ukraine. The leaders of democratic countries must be united against him. The attack was unexpected, the rest of the world was not prepared. I’ll tell you something: when I was prime minister, in 2008, Putin attacked Georgia. Many political analysts warned me: get ready, because he wants Ukraine. I thought it was an impossible scenario, because there were no disputed territories, there were no problems. I was sure that Ukraine was untouchable. Now it is no longer. ” That of the Russian president is therefore ” a historic mission. Putin wants to go back to the old borders, not those of the Soviet Union, but those of the Russian empire. He wants to increase the territory, Ukraine is only the first step. He wants the possession and control of a significant portion of what we call the United States of Europe. In the future he could become a prison for these nations. I know that other countries don’t think the same thing can happen to them. But there is a lesson from the past: we didn’t realize what was happening to Georgia. So you have to learn it right away. And I remind everyone that before the war Putin said that NATO’s borders had to go back to those of 1997, especially for the Baltic area, that is Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. A real blackmail ”. The first to be ” in danger ” are ” the European countries to the east, the central ones and the Baltics. The other NATO countries will be forced into a global war. Therefore I say that this war concerns the whole West. Putin has other goals, the war will spread. ” In the meantime ” since the first day of the war, my party and I have decided to stay in Kiev and to be present in all the hotspots of the country. Right from the start, I used my international relations to help build an anti-Putin coalition. ‘Patria’ is the oldest party in Parliament, we have representatives everywhere, in the cities and in the villages. Therefore we are able to distribute humanitarian aid, food and clothing, even in the most dangerous places. And we helped evacuate children and women from the front. We support Zelensky. Him, the government, the army. ” He speaks of Zelensky as ” a democratically elected president. He must be strong, And he must be helped. I am not speaking only of Ukrainians, but of the whole world. This is very important for winning. Before the war, I as the leader of the opposition and my group had different views on economic and social policies. We criticized him a lot, including for not doing enough for the armed forces. But when the first missile fell, we immediately started supporting it. Now there is no opposition, we are one. One group, and even one heart ”.