SCANDAL at the Marquis of Let’s Dance: Kollár’s sex girl from the limousine was fired from the transmission … She was in herself again! –

The name Miroslava Fabušová is not an unknown term in the Slovak show business, but in 2020 it began to be inflected much more often. At that time, she was sitting with the Speaker of the Parliament, Boris Kollár, in a government limousine that crashed. In February last year, she was again confused with the police, as she was driving under the influence of alcohol. “OS Bratislava III decided on February 23, 2021 to sentence the accused Miroslava Fabušová to 6 months ‘imprisonment with a suspended sentence of 18 months’ probation. At the same time, he imposed a sentence of prohibition to drive any motor vehicle for a period of 18 months. The decision is valid, “court spokesman Pavol Adamčiak told at the time. However, alcohol excesses continued. At the beginning of this year, Miroslava appeared in the show Bez napítka, where she did not repair her reputation. On the contrary. During the broadcast, viewers had the impression that Fabušová still liked to indulge in some of the cup and did not act on them soberly, as evidenced by literally piles of comments on social networks. Photo gallery (5) Source: Instagram DK The already shattered reputation is currently absolutely buried under the black earth. On Sunday, she appeared in Incheba, where a live broadcast of Let’s Dance took place. Fabušová came as the company of the young singer David Key. Unlike him, however, she did not stay on the live broadcast. According to, SBS had to intervene, which took the sex off. And the reason? It is officially said that, unlike the singer, Fabušová did not receive an invitation, so she had nothing to do in Incheba. However, according to our information, her behavior was also a problem. “It simply came to our notice then. She kept pushing in front of the photo wall and her poses worked in places, well … A little across the line. Later, she even squatted her legs and pretended … As if I was … Like the third prize, ”we learned. “She was clearly tuned when she arrived. But then she indulged in some glasses of champagne and it was clear to everyone that she really had enough, she drew a lot of attention to herself with her behavior. We started to think that it is only a matter of time before it completely breaks out of the chain, ”our source continued. A moment later, the competent Awnings reportedly intervened. Photo gallery (5) Source: Instagram DK “We just saw someone from the management in the company SBS-kára walking towards her and they brought her out,” a source from behind the scenes told “David, with whom she came, was then left alone on the transmission,” he added. At the time of writing, our editorial staff also tried to contact the young singer Fabušová came with, but he was on his way on vacation. We also asked Markíza TV itself for an opinion on this situation. However, we have not yet received a statement. Photo gallery (5) Source: Instagram DK SCANDAL at the Marquis of Let’s Dance: Kollár’s sex girl from the limousine THROWED FROM THE TRANSMISSION … She had IN HIS AGAIN again!