Caroline (Married at first sight) refuses to sleep with Axel: “cold shower” and annoyance of an expert

The situation is complicated between Caroline (29-year-old concierge company manager) and Axel (30-year-old project manager and site pilot) in Married at first sight 2022 (M6). If the young man had a crush, the mother of Loup-Gabriel (3 and a half years old) was not attracted to him and was therefore distant. A malaise that required the intervention of Pascal de Sutter. She therefore promised to no longer focus only on the 20% incompatibility but rather on the 80% of compatibility. Still, it wasn’t that simple. Caroline and Axel joined the room in which they were going to spend the night. But the young woman let him know that she preferred to sleep alone and therefore invited him to leave. “I feel like he’s expecting something from me that I can’t give him. I’m very uncomfortable. I can’t see myself sleeping with him in the same bed at all. Even in the same room. I I’m tired, I was a little disappointed with the meeting, so it’s a little hard,” she said in an interview with tears in her eyes. A hard blow for Axel who hoped to take advantage of this moment to get to know each other better. Disappointed, he wondered if it was worth staying. The next day, Caroline made the choice to tell him about her feelings. Very quickly, Axel explained that he had taken his will to send him out of the room as a “cold shower”. “Not a smile, zero kindness. I went to bed wondering what was going on,” he said most kindly. Although she wanted to “run away and be a coward”, the young woman started explaining to him that she had not had a crush and that she was afraid of having entered his life. “for nothing”. Even if she didn’t really believe in it, she agreed to continue the adventure to get to know him better. Always so positive, Axel wanted to believe it. But he saw no improvement on their honeymoon trip, “only degradation”. “I feel like she’s playing a role with me. (…) I don’t think I deserve this,” he explained. Again, they have separate rooms. The candidate was therefore able to talk quietly with Pascal de Sutter who was made aware of the situation and who came to his defense. “I am living a nightmare”, in particular launched Axel. The expert asked him to start protecting himself and he intended to have a discussion with Caroline as well.